Approach Lighting

Approach Lighting Systems are critical for landing during the transition from instrument flight to visual flight. Airogenics offers versatile ALS lighting to provide pilots with visual information on runway alignment, height perception, roll guidance, and horizontal references. Our systems are available in a variety of configurations for compliance with international standards.


  • Visible and infrared lighting options, stepped intensities
  • Portable or fixed installation options
  • Solar, AC and battery powered models available
  • Optional hand-held wireless control allows for remote operation; ability to increase intensity during poor weather conditions
  • Unprecedented reliability: adapts to environmental conditions for consistent operation and long life even in harsh environments
  • Designed for use at MALSR and Category 1 Instrument Flight Rules (IRF) Airfields
  • Fully integrated with all Airogenics airfield lighting products


Operational requirements will dictate the sophistication and design of ALS systems. Airogenics provides steady burning barrettes and sequenced flashing lights to meet the following standard layouts:

  • ICAO Simple Approach Lighting Systems
  • ICAO Precision Approach Lighting Systems
  • ALSF-2

Please contact your aviation sales representative for more information on configuration options.

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