Barricade Lights

Safely and easily mark closed runways, taxiways, and airfield hazards with Airogenics  FAA-compliant, low-profile safety barricade lights. Our portable mat design brings true flexibility to your airfield and keeps hazard marking simple and quick. Airogenics  barricade marking lighting solutions come with durable, environmentally-friendly rubber matting that is strong enough to withstand most prop wash, jet blast, and other wind currents while supporting virtually any layout even on rugged terrain.

Silicone-free, recycled rubber matting supports any Airogenics  600 or 700 series light for:
  • Peak intensity over 50 cd (red)
  • Dawn-to-dusk operation up to 10 cd
  • Flashing and steady burning light options
  • Yellow, red, blue, or white light; visible or IR light
  • 360° visibility
  • Optional hand-held wireless control; ability to increase intensity during poor weather conditions
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