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Airogenics Aviation is committed to providing you with corporate jet aircraft to satisfy both your needs and requirements. Whether it is your first acquisition or one of many, for your company or yourself, Airogenics Aviation is part of your team, looking out for your best interests in every transaction.

In today's business jet market, it is important to be able to discern a good buy. Our knowledge and understanding of the marketplace and changing values can save you considerable money both in the initial purchase and down-the-road, with respect to maintenance considerations, service items, and resale of the aircraft. We are constantly aware of the market and the factors affecting it.

If you already have a business aircraft and are considering upgrading or downsizing an aircraft, we will work with you through the Like-Kind Exchange process to ensure that you are able to limit capital gains and maximize the tax benefits available to you.

Our experience includes the full range of corporate jets and business aircraft. From turboprops and light business jets, from long-range corporate aircraft to airliners converted into executive jets, our experts have extensive hands on experience in acquisition, sales, management, flight operations and maintenance. We work directly with individuals and corporations in the process of acquiring and replacing aircraft, both new and used.

Frequently, we are also called upon to appraise business aircraft a client is considering, either for the buyer or their financier. We have worked with individuals, corporations, and airlines on both acquisitions and disposal, which provides us with a keen sense of the market and what is realistic with respect to real aircraft values.

At Airogenics Aviation we are experienced both in domestic and international transactions. In addition, our advisory division is experienced in securing mutually satisfactory management arrangements, establishing flight departments, Part 91, Part 135, Part 121 and Part 125 operations. Our staff is also experienced in managing the completion and upgrading of aircraft interiors and avionics.

We also offer a full-service program designed for corporate and individual aircraft buyers calledAirogenics Aircraft Acquisition by Airogenics.Airogenics takes you through the entire aircraft acquisition process---from assessing your travel requirements and aircraft needs, matching them to the right corporate aircraft, to negotiating and closing the acquisition.Airogenics Aircraft Acquisition makes sure when you acquire an aircraft, you understand what is involved throughout the entire process. We take you through step-by-step, ensuring that you are satisfied with your aircraft purchase.Airogenics by Airogenics applies years of experience in business aircraft acquisition, corporate aircraft sales and appraisals to providing the information and tools needed to make an informed decision that is right for you, and then carrying out the acquisition.

Whether you are ready to lease or buy a business jet, an executive airliner or turboprop, or just want to consider your options, call us today at 1-301-789-2255 or 1-571-275-0943 or write to us at for more information or complete and submit the following form. We will be glad to discuss your aircraft acquisition needs and how we can put our many years of aviation industry experience and knowledge to work for you.


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