Airogenics  is experienced in the design of integrated communications systems.

We have designed and installed many complex voice and data communication systems solutions.
The elements of these systems have included:

  • VCCS
    We provide communication solutions for any size of ATM operation, from small standalone control towers to the largest networked ATM centres.

    We offer Frequentis voice communication systems, which combine state-of-the-art design and technology with proven components and highly-intuitive user interfaces. The result is an efficient system customised to the precise needs of each ANSP, keeping total cost of ownership low, safety high, and retaining the flexibility to adapt to future changes in scale or operational needs.

  • VHF Communications

    We supply and install VHF ground-to-air communication systems from the world's leading manufacturers, Park Air Systems and Jotron UK Ltd.
    Both companies offer dependable products with features that include:

    • A wide range of transmitters, receivers and transceivers
    • VoIP in accordance with ED137
    • E1 and analogue interfaces
    • Modular construction for easy installation and maintenance
    • Multi-mode software defined radios
    • Compliant with ETSI specifications
    • Advanced self-diagnostics

  • UHF Base Stations
    Clear, secure audio capabilities are critical to all airports, from ground handling to organising first response personnel.

    We provide leading edge integrated digital radio communications solutions which include base stations, mobile and handheld radios to support the operational needs of airports, providing clear, secure audio capabilities. We are trusted by our customers to deliver solutions that meet their needs at airports around the world.

  • Voice and Radar Recorders
    Airogenics   supplies and installs synchronised recording and replay systems designed by world-class manufacturers for the ATC and CNS arena.
    The recorders are readily scalable to individual airport requirements and offer future-proof hardware based recording solutions for the capture, storage, playback and retrieval of voice, radar and screen display signals.

  • Copper and Fibre Cabling Systems

  • Antenna Combining Systems

  • Emergency Communications Systems
    Airogenics  supplies and installs CAP 670 compliant Emergency/Back-up Communication Systems manufactured by industry leaders such as Jotron AS, Frequentis AG and Keltel Communications Ltd.

  • Radio Links
    Airogenics   supplies and installs the most up-to-date short and long range Radio Modems and Wireless Transceivers available.

    Systems are designed to exacting standards to meet client requirements for remote monitoring of NDBs or ILS systems and can be operated as a point-to-point or point to multi-point system.

We address each customer’s requirement individually and work to ensure the systems we install provide the best technical solution for the budget.

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