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Airogenics is specialized in Small aircrafts that are used for training and business to large executive jets, including airline sized aircraft that have been or can be converted into an executive or VIP aircraft. Our team of experts has amassed many years of experience with the largest executive jets. Our knowledge is "hands on" in acquisition, sales, completion and every facet of large VIP and corporate aircraft operations.

A number of leading aircraft manufacturers, including Boeing, Airbus, and Bombardier, produce airliner sized aircraft specifically for VIP use. In addition, the full range of airliners from every manufacturer---Airbus, Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, including any model: 727, 757, MD-80, A319, for example, can be converted into an executive aircraft. In the current market, many airliners that would be well suited for conversion into large executive jets are priced to move. Some aircrafts that have already been converted are also available. Selecting the right aircraft, then negotiating the best price and terms are the challenge.

Whether it is your first acquisition or one of many, Airogenics Aviation is part of your team, looking out for your best interests in every transaction and making sure you get the best overall value when you acquire your executive jet.

Because of our extensive knowledge of this type of aircraft, we are also called upon to appraise executive aircraft that a client is considering, either directly for the buyer or their financier.

Airogenics Aviation is experienced both in domestic and international transactions. Our aviation consulting and advisory division works with clients to secure mutually satisfactory management arrangements;

establish flight departments and Part 91, Part 125 and Part 135 operations; and to determine the most ideal jurisdiction in which to register the aircraft.

For more information about buying a new large executive jet, converting an airliner into your own VIP aircraft, or acquiring a bizliner or your training aircraft, complete the form below, or contact Airogenics Aviation Inc. directly at

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