Aviation Safety & Management

Airogenics’ Aviation Safety Management Division provides technical and management services and support to state, federal and private programs that foster safe and efficient air transportation. We work closely with various governments, educational and private organizations towards an error free aviation system that produces no accidents or fatalities.
Our Important Safety Services are:
Risk Management and Decision Support ( RMDS )
Visual Guidance and Runway Incursion Reduction ( VGRIR )
Terminal Area Safety ( TAS )
Flight Standards Automation System ( FSAS ) Technical Analysis Program
System Approach for Safety Oversight ( SASO ) Program Software V&V
Continued Airworthiness Assessments (CAA)
Risk Management and Decisoin Support
Safety Data Research and Analysis
Safety Systems Prototype Development
Conceptual Analysis
Requirements Analysis
Software Applications Development
Specification Development
Systems Evaluation
Functional and Data Modeling
Products / Deliverables
Analytical Models
Operational Prototypes
Decision Support Systems ( DSS )
Data Collection and Analysis Tools
Visual Guidance and Runway Incursion Reduction :
Airogenics provides in-depth expertise for Research and Development of new visual guidance systems. Our activities have involved runway and taxiway lighting, obstruction lighting, distance-to-go markers, painted markers and other aids. Of significance is the recent evaluation of taxiway sign effectiveness under low visibility, and the development and testing of a hold short lighting system for runway intersection identification. Other runway incursion prevention projects include the evaluation and development of requirements for stop bar and runway guard lighting systems as well as alternative pavement marking materials.
Human Factors Engineering
Lighting Engineering
Program Plans
Test and Evaluations Plans
Technical Reports
Facilities design and construction
Products / Deliverables
Performance specifications for Approach Lighting Systems ( ALS )
Installation methodology for PAPI / IA and PAPI Systems
Performance characteristics of in-pavement Light Emitting Diodes ( LED ) strips
Evaluation of effectiveness and reliability of prototype advance taxiway guidance systems
Terminal Srea Safety :
Airogenics conducts research on identified operational problems to improve the safety and efficiency in terminal area operations. This effort includes
Integration of new solutions to improve airport capacity problem into existing infrastructures
Analysis of landing performance data from Digital
Flight Data records (DFDR) and surface surveillance radar
Braking system performance
Validation of runway buffer zones
System Approach For Safety Oversight ( SASO ) Program Software :
Airogenics provides support to the SASO Program of the Flight Standards office for tasks necessary to accomplish its mission. Services include
Design and development of an overall Validation and Verification Plan
Analyze software requirements and generate requirement-based test scenarios
Review and analyze design requirements and conduct design integrity tests
Review all manuals, implementation plans, and maintenance support
Countinued Air Worthiness Assessments :
Historical Hazard Ratios Analysis
Airworthiness Directives Study
Research Planning
Software Evaluation
Data Collection and Analysis
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