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Selecting the right aircraft from all the aircraft for sale or finding the right one from among those available but not currently marketed can be a challenge. It's easier if you know what type of aircraft you want, but today there are some 400 different types of corporate aircraft. Which type of aircraft suits your needs and budget the best? Is it a light business aircraft, a mid-sized corporate jet, a heavy jet or a converted airliner? And then there is the choice between new aircraft and used aircraft.

Experience in and knowledge of the aircraft market is essential to making the right decision when you buy an aircraft. Our staff is experienced in aircraft sales, assessing aircraft for sale on behalf of buyers and financiers, undertaking appraisals of aircraft for sale, and managing aircraft completions, as well as in negotiating successful aircraft management arrangements and setting up flight departments for corporations and individuals. We can work with you throughout the entire process of buying an aircraft, or just provide you with assistance in identifying the right one.

If you are currently in the market for a new or used aircraft, or are considering a purchase and want to know about aircraft for sale, please complete the following Assessment request or write to us at, or call us at 301-789-2255 / 571-275-0943.

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