Commercial Aircraft Acquisition Purchase

Airogenics Aviation works directly with commercial air carriers in acquiring aircraft to fill their growing needs. Our experience covers the full range of commercial airliners, from turboprops to Boeing's and Airbus's largest jets.

Our team of airline industry experts assist clients with the entire process from identifying the most suitable candidate aircraft, to establishing leasing and financing arrangements to designing interior configurations and confirming maintenance programs.

In today's aircraft market, it is important to be able to distinguish what is a good buy. Our knowledge and understanding of the marketplace and changing aircraft values can save you considerable money both in the initial transaction and down-the-road, with respect to maintenance considerations, service items, and resale of the aircraft. We are constantly aware of the changing aircraft market and the factors that affect it.

In addition to working with air carriers in securing aircraft, Airogenics Aviation undertakes commercial aircraft appraisals for air carriers, financiers, insurers and for sellers.

Whether establishing a new airline or expanding operations, call us at 1-301-789-2255 or 1-571-275-0943 or contact us at for more information regarding our aircraft acquisition and airline consulting services.

For more information contact us at or call us at 1-30-789-2255 or 1-571-275-0943 or send us an email to
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