Corporate Travel Assessment

Do you need to determine what the most cost effective corporate travel solution is for your company? Is the status quo really the best option, or should you consider using a corporate aircraft, changing to a different business aircraft, chartering, buying block hours or fractional shares? Should commercial airlines be part of the mix? Do you really know the costs to your company involved in each over the short and long term?

Airogenics Aviation provides comprehensive corporate travel analysis complete with recommendations regarding what is the most effective for you and your company. Whether you want your entire company travel assessed, need to determine whether you should change aircraft, or implement a solution involving corporate aircraft, fractional shares and airlines, Airogenics Aviation has the knowledge and experience to provide what you need.

Justify Shareholder Value in Corporate Aircraft

For both publicly traded companies and those that are privately owned, corporate aircraft are often the first thing to be identified as an excess on a corporate balance sheet. Whether a business jet, or a turboprop, the true benefits of owning or operating business aircraft are not always clearly understood and they are not readily quantified in a way that makes sense to both shareholders and the board of directors. For more companies than you realize it, using a business aircraft makes sense, even for a portion of a Company's travel, and can actually produce results that translate to the bottom line and directly justify corporate aircraft.

Deciding Which Aircraft

Those companies that already use business aircraft, whether the aircraft is owned and operated by the Company or chartered from an air charter company, know how much time can be saved and how effective "being there" promptly to meet the needs of a customer, close a sale, or avert an unexpected problem can be. Selecting the right aircraft to meet the Corporation's current and anticipated needs can make a considerable difference in the costs involved and the value that the Company receives from the aircraft it uses. Tuning the Company's travel policy to enhance effective use of its aircraft can also maximize the shareholder value of using corporate aircraft. But in order to do this, you need to be able to demonstrate these benefits to key decision-makers. Airogenics Aviation works with you closely to provide you with the material, support and information you need.

Your Flight Profile

Periodically, it may become necessary to take a closer look at your existing corporate flight department. Is/Are the aircraft in your fleet still the best choice for your corporate travel needs? Perhaps the needs of the Company are changing as it expands or contracts to meet changing markets, or due to corporate acquisitions or divestitures. Establishing an updated flight profile is only the beginning of the process of determining if your existing flight department and fleet composition still meet those shifting needs.

Your Best Solution

There are also some companies for which corporate aircraft do not make sense. When we conduct a corporate travel assessment, we will let you know if business aircraft are right for your Company. More often, however, the best solution does involve corporate aircraft to some degree-either owned, leased, chartered-or shares of a business aircraft. It is our job to identify the best and most cost effective solution for your Company, given your specific needs and requirements.

Should the analysis determine that purchasing corporate aircraft, shares or block hours ought to be part of the solution, Airogenics Aviation's Aircraft Acquisition division also offers unbiased, professional aircraft acquisition services and would be pleased to work with you and your Company.

Your Corporate Travel Assessment

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