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The defense, aerospace and internal security sectors place significant and unusual demands on providers of transportation services and logistics services. Apart from being large shippers in all categories – letters and documents, express, parcel, heavy freight and project cargos – government contractors often demand contingency services, support in challenging geographic settings, and performance-based terms that transcend the service requirements of most commercial customers. Added to this, internal concerns stress transportation networks and risk placing customer service and efficiency in diametric opposition to security measures.

Government customer requirements and security concerns have made transportation and logistics issues a priority for a wide range of companies serving the defense, aerospace and internal/homeland security markets. Traditional government service providers seek new federal, state and international opportunities and also look for adjacent markets that they can access by leveraging their experience in emergency, contingency, combat, humanitarian and international operations. Frequently, they look to commercial supply chain models for guidelines in shaping extended supply chain services.

Commercial carriers and intermediaries reflect a heightened awareness of the unique character of government contracts and customer relationships with a desire to reorganize or adjust operations to meet specific agency requirements. Traditional government contractors such as defense primes consider acquiring, developing or expanding logistics capabilities as a vertical integration opportunity. And finally, investors require current, comprehensive analysis of this rapidly-changing, complex service market to support financial decisions.

Airogenics Incorporated assists clients seeking to better understand their opportunities in this dynamic function by developing strategies to better meet customer and market needs and to parry competitive challenges. Airogenics clients are positioning themselves for continued success by extending their reach across the value chain and into adjacencies, rethinking customer-facing strategies, and seeking new opportunities for internal and acquisitive growth. Airogenics supports these efforts with incisive, fact-based analysis and the consulting expertise needed to quickly develop market-based strategies and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

Airogenics’ Transportation & Logistics Experience

Airogenics and its Affiliates are in a leading position analyzing the defense, aerospace and homeland securities markets combined with extensive staff experience in transportation and logistics consulting to deliver a highly relevant capability mix to clients. Airogenics’ staff and its Strategic Partners have served a wide range of commercial air passenger, freight and express carriers, surface carriers including railroads, liner shipping companies, trucking companies, forwarders and intermediaries.

We have addressed issues ranging from market entry and customer relationship development to supply chain management and performance-based logistics to help our clients succeed in this rapidly-changing, high-opportunity functional area. Our analysts and managers have developed key competencies and knowledge, understating how homeland security concerns interact with more traditional sector and market issues.

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