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Are you considering selling your aviation business and need to determine how much you should ask for it? Or are you planning to acquire a new aviation business and want to know if the price being asked is realistic? Perhaps you need your business appraised in order to justify a loan for expanding your operations, determining a base value for setting up an ESOP, or establishing a buy-sell agreement between several owners. In any case, Airogenics Aviation is the company to call for an appraisal of your aviation business!

We understand that determining the value of an aviation business is a complex process that requires both an understanding of the unique dynamics of the aviation industry and of the principles of valuation. We also understand the need for confidentiality in appraisal projects. Our appraisal staff have extensive experience in many aspects of the aviation industry and are members of the Institute of Business Appraisers, specializing in the unique valuation requirements of closely held businesses.

Whether you need an FBO appraisal, an airline appraisal, an aircraft manufacturer appraisal, an appraisal of a service organization or of any other aviation business, contact us at or call us at 1-301-789-2255 or 1-571-275-0943 for more information regarding our aviation business appraisal services.

For more information contact us at or call us at 1-30-789-2255 or 1-571-275-0943 or send us an email to
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