Aviation Business Consulting

At Airogenics, we have one overall goal: that of enabling our clients to enhance their business through the services we provide.

With our Aviation Consulting, Corporate Acquisition Services, Aircraft Appraisal, Aviation Business Appraisal Services, and Flight department consulting we serve many facets of the aviation industry: from individual whole and fractional aircraft owners to corporate flight departments, from FBOs to aircraft maintenance facilities, from equipment manufacturers to passenger and cargo airlines, both large and small. We are proud to include private individual, corporations, financial institutions and governments among our clients.

Corporate Jets, Business and General Aviation

Airogenics Aviation has extensive experience in corporate aviation. We provide unbiased expertise, knowledge and understanding of the aircraft market and process of buying Aircraft. If you want to buy a business or a corporate jet, our aircraft acquisition program, Airogenics Acquisition by Airogenics is designed to take you through the entire process. Whether you want to lease a corporate jet or buy a VIP aircraft, Airogenics will work with you from selection to inspection, through to negotiation and contracting. Or if you are looking for advice in selecting an aircraft or need an aviation consultant to assist you with just part of the process of acquiring an executive aircraft, call on Airogenics aviation's aircraft acquisition advisory team. Putting our experience to work takes the risk out of selecting and acquiring right aircraft at the right price. Our aircraft acquisition team includes specialists in the full range of business aircraft from piston, turboprops to corporate jets, training aircrafts and airliners converted for executive, VIP use etc.

Justify Corporate Aircraft

Acquiring a corporate aircraft or making changes to your existing fleet requires thorough analysis of your travel needs. At Airogenics, we also undertake travel assessments for companies of all sizes to determine the best travel solution for the corporation - a business aircraft, fractional shares, commercial airline travel, or a combination thereof. Whether you need to assess if your corporate travel needs would be better served by utilizing corporate aircraft, or if your current aircraft is still the right one to meet the needs of your company, by analyzing the specific travel and needs of your company, we will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision, quantity, and justify that decision with respect to corporate aircraft.

Aircraft Appraisal and Aviation Business Appraisal

At Airogenics, we appraise the value of aircraft, aviation equipment, and aviation business for buyers, sellers, and financiers. With respect to aircraft, our experience ranges from turboprops through corporate jets, to executive airliners. Among the aviation businesses we have appraised we are proud to include companies both large and small, ranging from FBOs and maintenance facilities, to aircraft manufacturers and air charter operations.

Aviation Consulting

Our Aviation Consulting Services focuses on the business aspects of aviation. We work with both existing aviation businesses and those in the early stages of development. Among the aviation consulting services we provide, are, developing business plans and undertaking market assessments, feasibility and strategic planning. We serve a wide range of clients: aircraft owners and operators, well established corporations, start up aviation businesses, banks and other financiers. Each project is tailored to meet your needs and objectives. More information about our aviation consulting services can be found at www.airogencis.com.

Airline Consulting

Airogenics Aviation's airline consulting pision works with both startup and existing airlines. Our range of experience includes domestic and international air carriers as well as regional air taxis. We value the importance of strategic planning and thorough market analysis. We assist throughout the entire airline development process from the initial feasibility analysis through developing business and operational plans, and on through the necessary regulatory process. We work with airlines both large and small.


Backgrounds of our senior staff includes experience in aircraft acquisition and sales, aviation business management, airline operations, transportation planning, air cargo planning, airport administration, security administration, structural airport/runway design, flight department management, corporate finance, business and asset valuation and pilots.

For more information contact us at Airogenics.com or call us at 1-30-789-2255 or 1-571-275-0943 or send us an email to an@airogenics.com.
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